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President, Mark Gann

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Shawnee Soccer Association and shall be the general manager of the Shawnee Soccer Association. The President shall have the authority to appoint a Technical Advisor to serve as designated by the President. The President shall represent the Association at all meetings (Oklahoma Soccer Association, etc.) The President shall serve as the Association’s liaison with the City of Shawnee and other outside organizations with whom the Association has a contract, and oversee the activities of the other officers to ensure they are properly fulfilling their duties and that the day-to-day activities of the Association are properly being maintained. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

Vice President, Eric West

The Vice President, in the absence of the SSA President, shall act with the same power and authority of the President. The Vice President is responsible for identifying and researching fundraising alternatives and overseeing fundraising activities. This board member shall research and seek/obtain club grants, solicit local business donations, record and track the dates for donation advertisement signs at Staude Park, and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the SSA President or SSA Board of Directors. 

Registrar, Elaine Phillips

The responsibilities of the registrar shall include the placement of players on teams, generating game rosters and player passes. In addition, the Registrar must resolve any issues among player transfers. The Registrar is responsible for the organization and coordination of the general registration including the development of school flyers and creation of media advertising for registration. The Registrar must compile and submit player forms, volunteer disclosure’s forms, transfer forms, rosters, and registration invoices to Oklahoma Soccer Association each fall and spring season. 

Treasurer Duties, Brian Drew 

Treasurer shall receive, disburse, and account for all the funds of the Shawnee Soccer Association which shall be kept in a bank or banks designated by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall report to the membership at each meeting an accounting of receipts and disbursements of the Shawnee Soccer Association including a copy of the most recent bank statement. The Treasurer shall prepare other tax or financial reports as necessary including an annual tax return (that may be completed by a CPA). The Board of Directors will review/approve cash receipts and disbursements (on a retrospective basis) and any disbursements exceeding five hundred ($500.00) will require prior board approval. Checks shall not be written for cash. The Treasurer is also responsible for collecting the mail at the association’s post office box. 

Referee Assignor, William K. Maddux

The Referee Assignor shall schedule referees for all competition. The Referee Assignor shall chair the Appeals Committee. The Referee Assignor, subject to approval of the Board of Directors, shall formulate and revise as necessary the rules of competition to be consistent with the rules and Bylaws of the Oklahoma Soccer Association, United States Soccer Federation, and Federation International de Football Association. The Referee Assignor should also ensure that referees have certification/recertification courses available. Additionally, the assignor will ensure that Shawnee Soccer Association has enough certified referees available for matches, should send referee fees to the treasurer for payment, fax game sheets to the Oklahoma Soccer Association (OSA), and check game sheets for completeness. The Referee Assignor should be an O8 licensed referee, per Oklahoma Soccer Association guidelines in order to answer all questions as they pertain to the Laws of the Game and be available to referee as needed. Competitive Commissioner The Competitive Commissioner must hold a minimum State or National USSF D License. Refer to the Shawnee Soccer Association Competitive Bylaws. 

Coaching Coordinator, Larry Warren

The Coaching Coordinator must hold a minimum USSF E License, or be enrolled in an upcoming class with proof of course payment prior to election. The coaching coordinator identifies coaches for recreational teams, and may assist the Competitive Commissioner in identifying qualified competitive coaches, and schedules coaching clinics. The Coaching Coordinator must also work on developing player training programs with the club’s hired Coaching Director. The Coaching Coordinator will develop and seek prior Board approval for all coaching contracts. In addition the Coaching Coordinator must make themselves available to coaches who request instructional assistance, maintain open communications with coaches and parents to share latest coaching information and ideas, and to resolve any coaching concerns as they may arise. The Coaching Coordinator will create/maintain a database to track coaching education licenses and certifications of all SSA coaches. This database shall include coach’s names, licensing/certification level(s), and date(s) of award. Additionally, the coaching coordinator shall maintain copies of all course completion certificates in the SSA files. The coaching Coordinator shall maintain all coaching school reimbursement agreements for coaches seeking SSA funding of coaching school tuition, and maintain a database detailing the start and end dates of the coach’s agreement with the SSA and the tuition amount paid by the SSA on behalf of the coach. 

Secretary, Laura Mashek

The Secretary shall keep the records and minutes of all meetings of the Shawnee Soccer Association. At each meeting the Secretary shall provide a copy of the minutes of the previous meeting, shall give notice of meetings, prepare a meeting agenda, maintain custody of the records of Shawnee Soccer Association, and shall update the club Bylaws as necessary. 

Uniform Coordinator, Marie Gann

The Uniform Coordinator shall be responsible for organizing, ordering and purchasing recreational non-traveling team uniforms and distributing them to the coaches and/or players.. The brand, color and design of these uniforms shall be determined by the board through majority vote. SSA competitive team uniforms shall be standardized within the competitive program. The brand, color and design of the uniforms will be determined by the Competitive Commissioner working with the Uniform Coordinator. 

Concession Stand Coordinator, Wendy West

The Concession Stand Coordinator is responsible for the upkeep of the concession stand; they must also provide a monthly report which includes expenses, income, and hours of operations and also provide a written report of scheduled workers. 

Fundraising Coordinator, OPEN 

The Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for identifying and researching fundraising alternatives and overseeing fundraising activities. This board member shall research and seek/obtain club grants, and solicit local business donations. The Fundraising Coordinator will be responsible for recording and tracking the dates for donation advertisement signs at Staude Park. The Fundraising Coordinator must notify the SSA President when donor advertisement signs need to be posted or removed at Staude Park. 

Age Group Coordinator, Chris Hawkins

The Age Group Coordinator shall be responsible for coordination of both the U6 - U10 Recreational teams and the U12 – U19 Recreational Teams travel. The Age Group Coordinator(s) shall assist the Registrar with team placement and player transfers. It is the responsibility of the Age Group Coordinator(s) to assist with game schedules/reschedules, and team fundraisers, pictures and player awards. The Age Group Coordinator(s) is/are responsible for recording team records and standings in the appropriate age divisions. Regardless of how many divisions a coordinator is responsible for, they are only allowed 1 vote. The U12 – U19 travel recreational coordinator must email or fax home game results to the Oklahoma Soccer Association (OSA), using the appropriate game reporting form. 

Field Coordinator, Jeff Brown

The Field Coordinator shall chair the Fields, Equipment, and Purchasing Committee. The Fields, Equipment, and Purchasing Committee shall obtain and maintain all fields and maintain equipment of Shawnee Soccer Association. Expenditures in excess of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) must be approved in advance by a vote of the membership at any regular meeting, or the majority of the Board of Directors. The Field Coordinator manages the field contractors. The Field Coordinator oversees field maintenance including: lining, mowing, fertilizing, watering, trash removal, and weed application to all fields. The Field Coordinator is responsible for field layout, and improvements, as well as maintenance of mowing equipment. The Field Coordinator has the responsibility of determining cancellation of games due to inclement weather and updating the clubs rainout line.


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