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COACHES:What can they do to make the game of soccer more enjoyable for the players and easier for the referee to manage?

1. Take a course on the Laws.
2. Be accepting of the referee's decisions.
3. Remain calm.
4. Do not make loud, offensive remarks.
5. Concentrate on coaching, rather than on the
​accuracy of referee's decisions.
6. Be a role model of fair play.
7. Be positive; avoid confrontation with any official.
8. During games, leave the decisions to the players.
9. Attend coaching classes to learn the
most effective ways to conduct practices.
10. Give good guidelines to parents.
11. Set high standards.
12. Be firm with parents at games.
13. Teach skills and fair tactics.
14. Discourage unfair gamesmanship.
15. Communicate with parents often in
meetings and social gatherings.
16. Play the game and encourage parents
to play and to referee.
17. Referee games.
18. Refrain from post-game club songs/singing/chanting
​that can be misinterpreted as taunting.


We would like to take a moment and say thank you for all the time and effort you put into the kids you are coaching. Thousands of coaches have attended and successfully completed an USSF coaching course since they were first developed in 1971. Regardless of the level of certification or license attempted, the prime objective of the coaching education program is to provide all coaches from the beginner to
the most advanced with up-to-date
theoretical and practical knowledge.


​Youth Modules I (SSA requirement for coaches)
Youth Module II (SSA requirement for coaches)

E License Courses (preferred for all coaches)
D License Courses

Goal Keeper Courses

​Coaching education begins at the state level with introductory 2 hour "Youth Modules",and the 18 hour "E" License courses. A coach must hold an "E" license for a minimum of 6 months prior to attending the "D' license course. These courses cover elementary principles of coaching and the "E" License prepares and is requiredfor all coaches interested in the 36 hour "D" License. Successful completion of the "D" course certifies coaches with either a State or National License. Both licenses are non-expiring and are awarded following the completion of both theoretical and practical testing. Candidates wishing to attend a U.S. Soccer National Coaching School to take the "C" License course must have earned and held a National "D" License for a minimum of 12 months.

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