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Shawnee Soccer Association depends on seasonal fundraising activities from its members and players. The seasonal fundraising helps fill the gaps left from the very low registration fees we charge compared to other soccer clubs. Registration fees are kept as low as possible so that as many children that want to participate in our youth soccer program, can.

The registration fees we charge cover the administrative fees charged to SSA by Oklahoma Soccer and go toward the operational requirements SSA provides for things like referees, mowing, paint for field lines, utilities, trash service, and bathrooms. But, there are many operational cost that depend solely on seasonal fundraisers to accomplish. Things like field/equipment upkeep, maintenance and equipment replacement, facility improvements, fencing, gravel, water for summer irrigation, out building maintenance and improvements, etc….

Fundraising activities are a must for small organizations like Shawnee Soccer Association. Without seasonal fund raising, support from donors, and concession we would fall short. SSA board members are all volunteer parents and receive no wages for their time and efforts each season. Also, neither the City of Shawnee nor the Shawnee YMCA own or operate any of the facilities used by SSA. SSA is a nonprofit organization working to provide the youth of Shawnee and the surrounding areas the sport of soccer.

We ask that you take the time to participate in all fundraising activities that SSA pursues. Please watch for information about the Fall 2014 seasonal fundraiser. Information coming sometime in June 2014. SSA is working on a sponsorship/donation program that should be coming out this summer. If you are or know of a business owner that would like to support Shawnee Soccer Association and what we provide to the youth of Shawnee and its surrounding areas please contact Eric West (SSA Fundraising Coordinator) by email

If you have any questions about the SSA fundraising, general operations, or its volunteers please contact us at (405)501-5695.


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