Shawnee Soccer Association

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REFEREES: What can they do to make the game of                          soccer better for the players?
1. Know the Law and the rules.
2. Be professional; i.e. on time, in proper uniform,             prepared, fit, etc.           
3. Study the game and the spirit of soccer.
4. Attend meetings, clinics, and seminars.
5. Show respect to players, coaches, parents and             spectators.            
6. Explain rules, when needed.
7. Help less experienced referees.
8. Play the game to better understand it.
9. Seek evaluation and be assessed regularly.
10. Smile and enjoy the game.
11. Be firm, fair and honest.
12. Remain neutral and be consistent.
13. Accept only the number and level of assignments         that can be done well.            
14. Know and use proper procedures.
15. Always remain calm.
16. Take each game seriously.
17. Implement good management techniques
18. Show courage and confidence; avoid arrogance.

2015 Referee


Shawnee Soccer Association Referee Recertification class has been scheduled for Friday, November 21, 2014 at 6:00 PM.
Location is at Gordon Cooper Vo-Tech at I-40 and Harrison Street
 Room D70
All referees who were registered in 2014 must take the Recertification class to be eligible to referee in the year 2015 unless they are upgrading to 08.
Registration fee for 2015 recertification is $75.00.
The class is free but you are not recertified until you go to your USSF website and pay the fee.
See the SCHEDULED REFEREE CLASSES link below this message for more details and how to register.
You will need  your USSF ID# and password



SSA will be hosting an 09 beginner referee class in January 2015.

Check back later for the date, time and location.

For more information on being a referee, age requirements, classes etc. click on the link above. 

If you would like to join SSA group of  referees contact the referee coordinator at .