Shawnee Soccer Association

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REFEREES: What can they do to make the game of soccer better for the players?
1. Know the Law and the rules.
2. Be professional; i.e. on time, in proper uniform, prepared, fit, etc.
3. Study the game and the spirit of soccer.
4. Attend meetings, clinics, and seminars.
5. Show respect to players, coaches, parents and spectators.
6. Explain rules, when needed.
7. Help less experienced referees.
8. Play the game to better understand it.
9. Seek evaluation and be assessed regularly.
10. Smile and enjoy the game.
11. Be firm, fair and honest.
12. Remain neutral and be consistent.
13. Accept only the number and level of assignments that can be done well.
14. Know and use proper procedures.
15. Always remain calm.
16. Take each game seriously.
17. Implement good management techniques
18. Show courage and confidence; avoid arrogance.

2014 Referee Registration and Recertification

UPGRADE Application - Upgrade clinic scheduled for January 24-25, 2014 at Stillwater High School. If you wish to upgrade to 07 or 06, you must complete this application and pay the $50 registration fee. For more information on how to upgrade, use the link Frequently Asked Questions and then How to Upgrade.

Oklahoma Soccer Association has updated and revised its procedures for registering for classes and recertifying referees.
09 classes are now set up with two sessions of 3 hours each. Cost $60
08 classes are now set with three sessions of 3 hours each. Cost $60
Both require the candidate to take the online version of the course on the USSF web site.
See the SCHEDULED REFEREE CLASSES link below this message for more details and how to register.


If you are looking for games to referee please contact our referee coordinator @ to sign up.

This link will also allow you to see what games you are scheduled to referee (we are working on this link)