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Snack Shack


Purchase your

Hoodies & T-Shirts!!!

If interested in ordering please see THE GOAL BOX!

Visit our Concession Stand

at Staude Field for

Nachos – Candy Bars – Pancakes on a stick – (All Beef) Hot Dogs

Corn Dogs – Chips – Fruit – Frozen GoGurt – Popsicles – Pickles – Crackers

Gatorade – Soda – Tea – Hot Chocolate – Coffee – Water – 100% Fruit Juice

Hello Shawnee Soccer Community,  
Please come to the “Goal Box” and buy your soccer snacks and drinks.  We just wanted to remind everyone that SSA will once again be opening the concession stand this season.

The concession usually opens a half hour before the first scheduled game and closes after the half time of the last game of the day.The concession stand is managed by Wendy West a volunteer parent.  

During the season Wendy will call upon other parents to assist her in the operation of the concession stand. She works very hard to work around your kids game schedules so you can help and still catch all the action of your young athletes. Please make yourself available if you receive a call to help. Also, if you have high school students looking for an opportunity to fulfill any National Honor Society points, she will sign off for that.  

With that said please come by and purchase your snacks and drinks from the Goal Box.
Here is a list of items offered in the Goal Box.  
Water, Gatorade, Juice - Apple/Orange, Soda – Coke/Diet Coke/DR PEPPER/ Diet DR PEPPER/ Sprite/ Coffee/ Hot Chocolate  Frozen Gogurt, Candy Bars, Ring Pops, Cookies, Popcorn, Sun Flower Seeds, Jerky Stick, Sweet & Salty Snack Pickles, Chips, Popsicles, Pancake on a Stick, Corn Dogs, Hot Dogs, Nacho’s & Various other snack items and candies.

Also, if you have purchased a Red SSA Coffee Cup, those get you free coffee refills for the season. There are still a few of these cups available.  
Thank you,  SSA Board


Mailing address:

P.O. Box 1721 

Shawnee OK 74802-1721

Phone: 405 501 5695